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Frequently Asked Questions.

360 degree interactive panorama images virtually convey much more information about the subject or event in context to everything else around it. Panorama images are captured with wider view up to 360 degrees, where human eye cannot reach. We can view the places and things electroncally over the internet without actually being present there. It use wide aspect ratio, that provides an unobstructed view of an area, most typically a landscape, covering more than our eye can naturally see. Virtual photography is an exponent where latest technology is used to revolutionize all the conventional existing forms of photography. It is so real that you can imagine yourself being there. The static images of photography are radically changed and made more interactive and it could be customized according to a customer's choice.
360degree Product Photography is a series of real photographs taken at fixed intervals around the object combined into a single interactive image. The image can auto rotate, and the user can 'grab' the image and rotate the product to any angle. These images are perfectly useful for online retailers or manufacturers wanting to set themselves apart from the competition by bringing their online catalog to life and increasing sales with 360° product views. Other uses include online galleries/museums or auction houses--give your visitors a full 360° view of any object.
360degree Virtual Tour is the art of digital imaging technology to create highly detailed fullscreen 360° interactive panoramas. These are true spherical images: Imagine being at the center of a sphere with the image covering the entire inner surface. The images can be scrolled around a full 360° and 180° from straight up to straight down. You control where you look. Zoom in for closer inspection, or zoom out for an even wider view. It's the next best thing to being there. Interactive panoramas are a great enhancement to a wide variety of web sites, including:
  •   Architecture/Design Firms - showcase your designs with 360° panoramas
  •   Builders - showcase your projects with 360° panoramas
  •   Hotels/Motels- 360° panoramas are perfect for showing guest rooms, meeting rooms and common areas.
  •   Real Estate - high quality 360° virtual tours of properties for sale
  •   Galleries/Museums/Exhibitors - attract more visitors with a 360° panorama
  •   Businesses - put a 360° panorama of your showroom on your web site
  •   Group Photos - a truly one of a kind photograph for weddings, family reunions, etc
In video clipping the videographer decides what and how the visuals are to be seen by the spectator whereas in 360 interactive panoramas the spectator can choose the viewpoints arbitrarily. He or she can zoom-in and drill down to object or zoom-out into a wider view.
Since the panorama output is in flash your browser should be equipped with flashplayer and a broad band internet connection with 256kbps or more. Your computer should have installed audio drivers and speakers to hear the audio embedded to the panorama.