About Me

Prem Issac.

“I didn’t decide to be a photographer; but still I just happened to fall in it.”
It was my father, Mr. Issac, who found out the talents in me as a photographer. He had a Canon 1000D Fn camera, which was gifted to him by his well-wisher from Germany. I was very curious about photography and started capturing photos with the same. By seeing the snaps, he introduced me to his friend, Mr. K. R. Raghavan master (Late) who was a famous photographer from Kannur and Rtd. Government Photographer of Sikkim. His guidance and inspirations just mould me as a photographer. In the beginning, I was doing wedding and function photography, but my mind was restless in search of new varieties of this field. For seeking new scope in photography, I joined Photojournalism Course, conducted by Kottayam Press Club, Kerala. There, I met with many well-established and well-talented photographers. After completing the course with third rank, I came in contact with panorama photographer Mr. Leen Thobias, who specializes in Object photography, 3D photography and 360 degree photography. He is the Limca book of world records winner for carrying out the first Photo Biography in India about the living legend Padmabhushan Dr.K.J Yesudas. Also, he has won Kerala State Tourism Award for the Best Tourism Photography. You could see more about him at: www.p4panorama.com. He offered me a chance, to assist his works for his website P4panorama. Since then I have been assisting him. He inspired me a lot and 360 degree photography comes in reality because of his encouragement and support. Panpanorama is my humble effort of capturing emotions, happiness, expressions and feelings, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. I welcome and request you to explore this website to know a little more about my works and me. There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer. Opinion often consists of a kind of criticism. But criticism can come out of love. I am anticipating your valuable opinions and criticism.



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